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Chris’ Guide To Camping & Backpacking

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The guide is under development, so check back often as we add additional content.

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Additional resources I use all the time

hike it baby

Hike It Baby is a great resource for anyone who wants to hike with kids. Hiking with kids represents added challenges and this resource has great info on many aspects of that challenge

erik the black

Erik the Black’s Backpacking blog offers loads of practical experience and tips on how to backpack and hike more successfully.

andrew skurka

Andrew Skurka is a name you’ll come to know as one of the most renowned backpackers around. He’s completed some epic journeys and has the wisdom to back it up.

gaia gps

Click here to change this text. Gaia GPS is a must-learn resource. It offers GPS navigation using your smart phone and is my favorite resource for trip planning and navigation while on the trail.

Products I love for camping and backpacking

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