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Adventure School exists to teach you how to get outdoors and adventure more! Not just spending more time on adventures, but doing so with confidence, knowing that you have the right training and the right gear to get out and get back home safely.

If you want to test out your adventure skills and identify some areas you could increase your skills and knowledge in, try out our free adventure skills assessment.

If you want to test out your adventure skills and identify areas you could gain additional knowledge and training in, this is the course for you.

This free assessment will lead you through a day hike scenario and present you with common decisions you need to make every time you venture out into the backcountry.

Try it out and see how good you really are.

After you’ve completed the adventure skills assessment, sign up for the climbing knots mastery course and become an expert at all the knots you need to get out on the rock confidently and safely.

This course will teach you all the knots you need and none you don’t. The training is simple and will teach you about each knot, show you how to tie and untie each knot, and then, you’ll be tested on your skills and knowledge by demonstrating you can tie each knot successfully.

After taking this course you’ll be able to tie all the knots you need confidently on your own.

Click the course logo to learn more or click add to cart to purchase now.

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