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Ready To Become A Climbing Knot Master?

The climbing knot mastery course will teach you step-by-step how to tie all the essential climbing knots. Yo’ll not only see ddemonstrations of how to tie over 10 knots, but you’ll be tested on how, why, and when to tie each one.

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Why not just search YouTube?

You could just go search YouTube for climbing knot videos, but you shouldn’t. Here’s why…

Pass competency tests for each knot to give yourself confidence that you know you’re tying each knot correctly.
All the essential climbing knots are here in one place so you can be sure you’ve learned all the climbing knots you need.
Learn from a certified instructor. Don’t trust just anyone who may or may not know what they’re teaching.
Get clear visual demonstrations of each knot
Hear clear explanations of how, when,m and why to use each knot and when not to use them.
Learn all your knots in one place in a consistent format designed specifically for rock climbing knots.
Chris Allen

Chris Allen is a certified climbing instructor and has many years of climbing instruction experience. He’ll walk you through each of the 12 knots taught in this course and pass you off when you upload your knot photos. If you have specific questions you can email Chris and get help with your specific needs.

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