Gear Review: Montrail Mountain Masochist Trail Running Shoes

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Montrail Mountain Masochist IV OutDry – Review

The Montrail Mountain Masochist is a serious shoe for serious runners! If you need something sturdy and solid that can match the rugged, muddy, wet, rocky, and masochistic trail running you do, this is a great all-around trail shoe.


Overall Score


Detailed review of the Montrail Mountain Masochist IV OutDry

If you’re looking for a quiver killing trail shoe, this is probably it. The Montrail Mountain Masochist is on it’s fourth revision and seems to be evolving for the better. This shoe is designed with the serious trail runner in mind, not just someone who ventures on to dirt paths occasionally. It strikes a great balance between beefiness needed for tough trails and low-weight and flexibility. When it gets wet out, these shoes have a proprietary OutDry technology similar to Gore-Tex applied and it works. I was skeptical after owning several pairs of “waterproof” shoes that really weren’t even close. These ones have taken me through multiple wet runs including through mud, snow, and rivers and I’ve come out with dry feet every time (except for that one time where the water was up to my knees). It has a 3D printed upper that gives it added durability over sewn individual pieces and it has a solid shield on the sole to protect your feet from rocks and such. 

The Good

  • The OutDry technology is awesome!
  • Lightweight for the features
  • Good sole protection
  • Great grip
  • Flexible and also supportive
  • Durable build

The Not So Good

  • The lacing system isn’t great
  • Sizing runs a bit small

Montrail Mountain Masochist IV OutDry Features


There are several features including the FluidGuide sole plate, the FluidFoam midsole cushion, and the OutDry waterproofing technology that make these shoes the perfect balance of comfort, protection, and versatility when it comes to all-terrain trail running. I’ve put hundreds of miles on these and never once have I felt uncomfortable in them with one exception. I wore them hiking on a hot July day because I wanted the extra protection. My feet started to get too hot. They’re built tough and are not ultralight mesh kicks that would have been cooler on that hot day. Overall, they can keep me comfortable on any terrain in almost any conditions from ice to gravel to sand, they kill it for me. I’ll just need to pack my summertime trail shoes when it gets hot and dry out. 

montrail front 1

Design and Aesthetic

The 3D printed outers look cheap compared to the older version fabric support but, I believe it helps reduce weight and keeps everything connected with fewer pieces and therefore fewer failure points. 
I’ve seen several reviews that say the printed version looks ugly, but I’m cool with it. I don’t dig the big Columbia logo printed on the side, but that’s not a huge deal. The color options are the Steel, Bright Green and the Black, Rocket. I don’t think either look too bad – especially when caked with mud!
One design issue that I don’t think is an upgrade for the IV model is the speed lacing system. It’s a bungee cord with a quick adjuster. The stretch in the lace isn’t something I want. I’ll be swapping out the stretchable laces for something static so I can keep the same adjustment throughout my runs.

montrail trail running shoe 1


If you’re in search of a trail running shoe that you won’t have to think about, this is it. The Montrail Mountain Masochist is ready for any type of terrain you could throw at it. I’ve taken it to the top of snowy peaks through ice and mud and it didn’t even blink. I sometimes need my microspikes on ice or snow and with these on I never felt the need for spikes.
I’ve also taken these through very rocky technical terrain that leaves my feet sore with thinner soled shoes and these smoothed out the trail with ease. I felt confident in my foot placements on boulders or loose gravelly stuff as well. No issues with grip on dry or wet. 
I’ve gone on long runs with these and never had an issue with hot spots or rubbing. They fit my foot really well, but be warned that they do come about a half size bigger (US) than street sizes. 


Technical details

As I’ve mentioned, these things are no heavyweights. but they also aren’t minimalists. They come in around 9-12 oz depending on your size. They’re made of amazingly durable material that I have yet to see much wear and tear on despite my many miles of abuse to them. The heel drop is 8 mm on a 16 mm heel stack. This gives them a good underfoot feel for those used to running with a large heel drop, but for technical trail running, the sole is tough with the protective shield as well as the gryptonite rubber that gives them amazing grip on any terrain.


10.2 oz

Heel Drop

8 mm

Heel Stack

16 mm


I really love these shoes and hope Columbia keeps making them better so I don’t have to hunt for my next favorite model when they change or discontinue them. They’re waterproof but breathable, stable and solid, but lightweight and flexible, and they inspire confidence and speed. I recommend them as an all-around trail running shoe for any condition. They’re coming down in price as the model ages, but expect to pay around $60-$90. If you’re in need of a new pair of kicks to keep you treking, you can’t go wrong with the Montrail Mountain Masochist.

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