Anti Fog Dry Cloths Price: $9.99 (as of 09/02/2023 02:01 PST- Details)

The Clear Choice: Stop fogging on your eye protection equipment and get crystal clear with our anti-fog dry cloths. Simply exhale deeply on your clean lens to leave moisture and gently rub the cloth to activate the compound on the dry wipe. Then fold and place the wipe into the foil wrapper for future uses. Get 10 uses from these anti-fog dry cloths.
Works in even extreme conditions: Our powerful anti-fog solution was originally designed to provide the US Navy Seals with a clear vision in the most extreme conditions. The nanotech-powered solution forms a temporary bond with your lenses and manipulates the fog on a molecular level to give you crystal clear vision.
Effective, Silicone Free & No Streaks: Our silicone-free formula goes on clear and thinner than a ray of light without any streaking or haze. It leaves behind a moisture-repelling nano-coating safe for any lens, goggle, or face shield. The solution is baked into the cloth, making your Nano Magic anti fog lens wipe reusable.

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