Single-Use Thermometer Price: $8.99 (as of 09/02/2023 02:01 PST- Details)

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UNSURPASSED ACCURACY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY: Getting an accurate temperature reading is essential for proper care. The unique Liquid Crystal Technology used by NexTemp delivers unsurpassed clinical accuracy in an easy to use thermometer.
SINGLE-USE MEANS THROW AWAY THE GERMS AND HAVING A CLEAN THERMOMETER EVERYTIME: NexTemp thermometers are single use to avoid spreading germs or more serious infections. No worrying if the thermometer has a good battery, has been charged and is clean from the last use. Plus, they’re less waste in the trash than the batteries and large digital and electronic thermometers.
EASIEST THERMOMETER EVER TO USE: Unlike many thermometers of today, there are no worries about proper placement in the ear canal OR skin temperature of Infrared thermometers, AND no sanitary issues like digital or glass thermometers. Anyone can use them, old or young, just put it under your tongue, wait 1-minute, read results and throw it away.

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