Chris’s Guide to Skiing & Winter Sports

Get your sticks ready

For some people, wintertime is a bleak and cold period to be endured indoors as much as possible until spring comes. For others, winter is a time when natural playgrounds fall from the sky. Skiing and snowboarding (I’m a skier so this guide will have a bias) are adventures anyone can enjoy at any level to make the most of the snow. If you’ve been wanting to get on a pair of sticks or a board and shred the pow but you’re not sure what it entails, this guide is for you. If you’ve been skiing or boarding for a while but you want to up your game, learn new skills, and learn how to expand your range beyond the resort, this guide is for you.

Read along to learn more than you probably care to know about skiing and snowboarding and be ready to rip next time the skies dump on your local mountain.

The guide is under development, so check back often as we add additional content.

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