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Because Life Is A Beatiful Adventure!


Life is short. The average person lives 28,835 days. We spend about 33% of that time sleeping and about 18% at work and school. The remaining 49% of our lives are spent eating, commuting, preparing, cleaning, socializing, serving, and relaxing.

If we don’t make time every day for creating and living a life of adventure and meaning, then what’s the point of everything else we do?

Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a Daring Adventure or Nothing.”

Adventure School is all about helping you create a larger-than-life legacy after living a life of meaning and purpose through adventure.

What do I mean by adventure?

The definition of adventure is an exciting or remarkable experience.

Using this definition, even washing the dishes could be an adventure. It all depends on your mindset!

Most of the adventure material on my website is related to outdoor recreation, but the intention is to teach you how to live with an attitude and spirit of adventure in everything you do with the goal of helping you create an extraordinary legacy for your posterity and those within your influence.

Life should be filled with exciting and remarkable experiences! We should be living every day filled with adventure, awe, and wonder and doing it for more than just ourselves.

Adventure School isn’t here just for adventure junkies, it’s a resource to help put meaning and purpose behind the adventure by teaching you to create a larger-than-life legacy through your amazing life.

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So if you’re ready to create a lasting legacy that will inspire everyone around you to be their best selves too, read more about Adventure School Legacy Coaching.


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